Should the Economic Provisions of the 1987 Constitution be Amended?

USC versus UST Grand Debate

The University of San Carlos (USC) School of Law and Governance and the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Faculty of Civil Law engaged in a formal debate in Cebu on August 20, 2013. The event was spearheaded by FLP chair holder Atty. Joan Sarausos-Largo, Dean of the USC School of Law and Governance and hosted by the USC, at its CAFA Theatre. With the goal of arguing for or against the amending or removal of the economic restrictions held by the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the main argument tackled House Bill No. 1, which “seeks to revise the pertinent economic provisions of 1987 Philippine Constitution”, as proposed by Feliciano Belmonte, Speaker of the House of Representatives. This House Bill adds the statement “unless otherwise provided by law” as it recognizes the subjectivity of the economy. (Lifted from a related article by Lesley Delos Santos).

The panel from the USC consisted of Mr. Vince Joseph Cesista (speaker on necessity), Mr. Glen Sotto (speaker on beneficiality), Mr. Alvin Clyde Gregorio (speaker on practicability), and Atty. Daryll Bretch Largo (coach). The team argued against the amending of the 1987 Constitution; click to read the Position Paper in PDF.

Arriving safely in Cebu amidst the pounding typhoon Maring and massive flight cancellations in Manila on the same day, the UST was represented by Kim Apple Carvajal (speaker on practicability), Ron Robbie Rosales (speaker on beneficiality), Rolando Asuncion (speaker on necessity), and Ricky De la Cruz (coach). Their group affirmed the proposed revisions to the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution: click to read the Position Paper in PDF.

Retired Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr., a Cebuano, witnessed the success of the debate. He delivered the closing remarks on behalf of the Foundation for Liberty and Prosperity, where he serves as an esteemed trustee and chairman of its Governance committee.

President of USC Fr. Dionisio Miranda also graced the event.



Front row (left to right):
USC President Fr. Dionisio Miranda, Retired Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr.,
and USC Dean Joan Sarausos-Largo.


Mr. Alvin Clyde Gregorio (USC Debate Team) arguing against the proposition


UST Debate Team:
Kim Apple Carvajal (practicability speaker), Ron Robbie Rosales (beneficiality speaker),
and Rolando Asuncion (necessity speaker)

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(20 August 2013 Today’s Carolinian article written by Lesley Cara P. Delos Santos)