Professorial Chairs Background

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To start the implementation of its Program of Action, the “Chief Justice Panganiban Professorial Chairs on Liberty and Prosperity” were created in the top nine law schools in the country, plus a tenth chair in the Philippine Judicial Academy. The deans of five of these law colleges, namely, Sedfrey Candelaria of the Ateneo de Manila, Danilo Concepcion of the University of the Philippines, Nilo Divina of the University of Santo Tomas, Andres Bautista of the Far Eastern University and Jose Manuel Diokno of the De La Salle University accepted the grants during a breakfast meeting hosted by our Chairman. To be tapped later are the San Beda College of Law plus one law school each from Northern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to complete the number to the planned nine.

Essentially, the deans will be the initial holders of the professorial chairs. The holders will receive two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00) per year (one hundred thousand per semester). They will have the responsibility of conducting original research and to deliver the intellectual output (advocating the promotion, appreciation, application and protection of liberty and prosperity) once every semester to all the members of the faculty and entire student body of their respective law schools. The output can be in the form of a traditional lecture, debate, case study or other modern and creative methods of communications. As counterpart, the law school will host the lecture or equivalent. The intellectual outputs from the chair holders will be published in a book and/or in other modes of communications. In the case of the Philippine Judicial Academy, the initial chair holder will be the Chancellor (Justice Adolfo S. Azcuna) who will be expected to deliver the lecture or other output during the pre-judicature seminars/courses of PHILJA for one year, as well as during the annual meetings of the various trial judges associations.

The FLP’s professorial chairs program  is being implemented for more than six (6) years now following its launch on 18 September 2012 at the Metrobank Auditorium, Makati City. This project is in partnership with the Metrobank Foundation, which has so far donated a total of One Million Four Hundred Thousand Pesos (₱ 1,400,000) in co-sponsorship of the program.  The total funds for the project, including FLP’s co-sponsorship fund, amounts to Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand Pesos (₱ 2,800,000).

intended its first program, in the format of the professorial chair project, to be educational and implemented in an academic setting.  The main objective is to get educational institutions and law schools to research and propagate the philosophy at the level of the academia (including training of students, professors, lawyers, and judges.)

started with the appointment of nine (9) deans of distinguished law schools and the Chancellor of the Philippine Judicial Academy (PhilJA).[1]  The outputs varied in form from traditional lectures, debates, as well as moot court competitions.  The written lectures from the chair holders have been uploaded to the FLP website and published in the Liberty & Prosperity e-newsletter.  These shall be compiled and will eventually be published in a book form as well as other modes of communications under the information, education and communication projects of FLP.

In 2017, four new appointments were made: Dean Melencio S. Sta. Maria, Far Eastern University, Dean Gemy Lito L. Festin, Polytechnic University of the Philippines; Professor Elizabeth Aguiling-Pangalangan, University of the Philippines College of Law; and Professor Tanya Karina A. Lat, Ateneo de Manila University School of Law. This brings the number of chair holders to 13.