Panganiban Education Assistance Program

Panganiban Education Assistance Program Guidelines

1. Eligibility. The Foundation for Liberty and Prosperity (FLP) is sponsoring a merit-based education      assistance program for poor but bright relatives of the FLP Chairman. There will be five (5) slots        open for Academic Year 2021-2022.

    Awardees shall be selected based on the criteria in Section 2 below. The financial assistance is a          monetary award for the awardees which can contribute to their expenses for college/university              education and will be given on a year-to-year basis. Awardees must reapply for each year, with            priority given to existing awardees, all things being equal.

   The five (5) slots will be open to all schools that have obtained in the relevant course’s licensure           examination a percentage of passing above the overall percentage of passing for the immediately
preceding year based on the statistical data from the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).       Applicants should enroll or be enrolled in priority courses of the Commission on Higher Education
and which shall lead to practice of professions regulated by the PRC.

  These courses are:

     1. Business, Education and Social Cluster
accountancy, guidance and counseling, librarianship, professional teachers, psychology, social             work, interior design,

 2. Engineering
chemical, civil engineering, electrical, electronics, geodetic, mechanical, sanitary, mining,                     metallurgical

  3. Health and Allied Cluster
medicine, nursing, medical technology, nutrition and dietetics, pharmacy, radiologic technology,            veterinary medicine

4. Technology Cluster
        architecture, landscape architecture, naval architecture, environmental planning, chemistry,                  forestry, fisheries technology, agriculture

5. Special Cluster
Law, digital technology, entrepreneurship, franchise management

Awardees will receive ₱20,000 each. FLP reserves the right to refuse to award any of the prizes for any reason at its sole discretion, including the inability of the applicants to qualify.

2. Qualifications. Applicants must satisfy the following:

2.1 Must have direct blood ancestry to the following:

a) Artemio Panganiban Sr.                             g) Benjamin Panganiban
b)Patricia Villaseñor Panganiban                   h) Iluminada Panganiban Oh
c) Mercedes Panganiban Carreon                  i) Minda Panganiban Locquiao
d)Felisa Panganiban Gulapa                          j) Leonora Villaseñor Carpio
e) Delfin Panganiban                                      k) Milagros Villaseñor Manimbo
f) Arsenia Panganiban Reyes                         l) Francisco Villaseñor

2.2 Incoming freshmen or incumbent college student;
2.3 Must have no failing grade since Grade 1;
2.4 Incumbent college students must have no dropped subject, and have not taken a leave of                    absence in the immediately preceding academic year; and
2.5 Must have enrolled and completed the full load for the immediately preceding academic year.

The requirement for no failing grade may be waived if the applicant will submit a justification explaining why he/she has a failing grade and why they still merit financial assistance.

3. Submissions. Applicants must submit an essay written in English with a minimum of 5,000 and a maximum of 6,000 characters including spaces, neatly typed in soft and hard copies.

The essay must be on what the applicants know about the life and career of Chief Justice Panganiban and titled “What I Know of the Life and Career of Chief Justice Panganiban”.

The following should be mailed to: Foundation for Liberty and Prosperity, 3rd Floor, PCCI Corporate Centre, 118 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. These documents should ALSO be transmitted electronically to

• one copy of the duly accomplished FLP Personal Data Sheet, Genealogy, and the FLP Data                Privacy Statement and Consent Form.
• one copy of the applicant’s official transcript of records or certified true copy of grades in senior             high school and for the years already spent in college for college student-applicants
• for incumbent college students, a certification from the School Secretary/Registrar or any                      authorized school official that the applicant has enrolled and completed the full load for the
preceding academic year
• one copy of essay titled “What I Know of the Life and Career of Chief Justice Panganiban”.

4. Interview. There will be an interview to be conducted by the FLP Committee who will be given full        discretion in the conduct of the said interview.

5. Judging and Selection. Judging will be made by an independent committee created by the FLP          consisting of at least three members from a list of nominees submitted by relatives of the FLP              Chairman. The Committee shall evaluate the applicants and choose the best five (5) applicants            based on the qualifications set in Section 2. Selection shall be final when affirmed by the FLP.

6. Awarding. The FLP financial assistance is a monetary award for college/university education. The        amount will be given in two tranches, one for each semester. Awardees shall submit to FLP
Secretariat their certificate of registration for the first and second semesters as proof of their                  enrolment in the courses and schools indicated in their entry forms.

7. Unclaimed award. If, for any reason, an awardee is unable to attend schooling or is unable to              claim the financial assistance award, FLP shall cancel said award and grant it to another qualified        nominee at its discretion.

8. Deadline. The deadline for the submission of applications for the academic year is on or before 5        p.m. of March 15, 2022.

9. Revisions. FLP reserves the right to update and revise the guidelines of the program which shall        be announced in its official website.

10. Financial Commitment. The program will be financed by an endowment fund set up by retired            Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban, FLP Chairman, specifically for this purpose. To ensure
continuity and sustainability of the financial assistance program, this endowment fund was used to        purchase a condo-room at the Hotel 101 in Taguig City, which is expected to yield a yearly return          of about five (5) percent, starting in 2023. Meanwhile, the current academic year’s funding will              come from the FLP unrestricted funds.

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