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We are currently working on the latest FLP newsletter. All published issues of the Liberty & Prosperity Journal are available in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat ready), and viewable through any desktop (PC or Mac), iPad, tablet, and smartphone. Feel free to download and share our newsletter.


Volume VIII, Issue No.2 (July-December 2019)

Volume VIII, Issue No.1 (January-June 2019)

Volume VII, Issue No.2 (July-December 2018)

Volume VII, Issue No.1 (January-June 2018)

Volume VI, Issue No.2 (July-December 2017)

Volume VI, Issue No.1 (January-June 2017)

Volume V, Issue No.1 (January-December 2016)

Volume IV, Issue No.1 (January-December 2015)

Volume III, Issue No.1 (January-December 2014)

Volume II, Issue No.4 (October-December 2013)

Volume II, Issue No.3 (July-September 2013)

Volume II, Issue No.2 (April-June 2013)

Volume II, Issue No.1 (January-March 2013)

Volume I, Issue No.1 (September-December 2012)



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