Ateneo School of Law Holds Second Moot Court Competition

To cap his second term as Professorial Chair Holder, Dean Sedfrey M. Candelaria organized “The 2014 Chief Justice Artemio V. Paganiban – Liberty & Prosperity Public International Law Moot Court Competition” from March 4 to 5, 2014 at the Justitia Hall of the Ateneo Law School, Rockwell Center. The debate, which centered on “The State of Asioya v. The Kingdom of Raepinosa: Concerning the Events Related to Dereez and Lexseia” as main topic, was conducted in lieu of a public lecture by the esteemed Dean with the active participation of the St. Thomas More: Society of Advocates.

The championship round (March 5, 2014) was judged by a panelist, with Ambassador Manuel A. J. Teehankee as panel chair, and Ateneo Society of International Law (ASIL) alumni Atty. Jose Lorenzo as well as former ASIL presidents Atty. Pia Alvendia and Philip Dabao as panel members.

Lester Flores and Sang Mee Lee, both from 2B, represented Applicant, the State of Asioya, while Abby Castelo and Paolo Gonzales of 2A represented Respondent, the Kingdom of Raepinosa. The competition ended with 2A bagging Best Memorial and Overall Winner. Paolo Gonzales won Best Speaker for the final round and Alyssa Tan, also from 2A, was awarded Best Speaker for the eliminations. Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban and wife Elenita handed the plaques and certificates.

The competition formally closed with Chief Justice Panganiban, FLP Chairman, expressing both his delight over the second round of debates and his hope that more Atenean lawyers will be active in the international law sphere.

Apart from the Foundation for Liberty and Prosperity and Metrobank Foundation cohort, the event welcomed various members of the Ateneo Professional Schools Faculty.

Following the event was a symposium on corruption, which concluded the International Law Week.


Public International Law Moot Court Competition at the Ateneo Law School’s Justitia Hall


Mrs. Elenita Panganiban flanked by Chief Justice Panganiban and Dean Candelaria


The panel of judges led by Ambassador Manuel A.J. Teehanke 


Awarding ceremonies


Awarding ceremonies


Awarding ceremonies


Dean Candelaria receiving the FLP honorarium from Chief Justice Panganiban


Chief Justice Panganiban delivering his closing remarks.